Fencing Colourbond

When in search of a high quality residential fencing solution, New Image Fencing can help.  As the leaders in fencing Colourbond in the Sydney Metro area, you can count on New Image for the best quality fence for your home.  Let us offer you a Free Quote and exemplary service to enable you to make the right choice for your residential fencing needs.  The security and durability of Colourbond is second to none, making it a top choice for homeowners in Sydney and the surrounding areas.  The beauty and security of this residential fencing solution will transform your home instantly.  Read more about the Colourbond fencing options you’ll find at New Image.

New Image features fencing Colourbond solutions with several different designs, including:

  • Standard Paling: This is the lowest cost solution in Colourbond fencing.  When you want to save more without giving up the quality you want for your home, standard paling is a good choice.
  • Lapped Paling: For an added layer of privacy with your Fencing, consider lapped paling.  By overlapping the paling, there will be no gaps in the fence, which will give you more privacy.
  • Lap ‘n’ Cap: When installing a fence in a highly visible area, Lap ‘n’ Cap is a popular choice.  This is suitable for outdoor entertainment areas, the front of the home, and other spaces where a more “finished” look is preferred.
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